Publication Design

A magazine that explores existential nihilism, divided into three sections.

The first section presents a typographic experiment, merging insights from artists and scientists predicting the end of the world with arguments from philosophers on the meaninglessness of life. In the second section, features a blend of type and image with a film review of "Melancholia" alongside NASA scientists' predictions of a real Earth collision in 2046. The third section adopts an image-only approach, showcasing a time capsule from 1999, capturing the collective anxiety about the Millennium bug.

As a whole, the publication prompts reflection on finding comfort in the realization that, ultimately, nothing matters. Explore the strange solace in accepting our inevitable doom.

On the floating shipless oceans / I did all my best to smile / Till your singing eyes and fingers / Drew me loving to your isle / And you sang, "Sail to me / Sail to me; let me enfold you / Here I am, here I am / Waiting to hold you" / Did I dream you dreamed about me? / Were you here when I was full-sail? / Now my foolish boat is leaning / Broken lovelorn on your rocks / For you sing, "Touch me not / Touch me not; come back tomorrow / Oh, my heart—oh, my heart / Shies from the sorrow" / I’m as puzzled as a newborn child / I’m as riddled as the tide / Should I stand amid the breakers / Or should I lie with death, my bride? / Hear me sing, "Swim to me / Swim to me; let me enfold you / Here I am, here I am / Waiting to hold you"