Video Editing

A manifesto that draws parallels between socially conscious designers and troublemaking children. They’re both punk by nature, agitating those around them. The manifesto combines videos from the 90s including my home movies, popular culture gems, significant news events, and abstract b-roll footage. It plays like a video tape that has been passed around and recorded over. It also discusses how consumer video technology has been instrumental in counter-cultural movements, enabling easy media sharing and disseminating ideas through underground channels.

On the floating shipless oceans / I did all my best to smile / Till your singing eyes and fingers / Drew me loving to your isle / And you sang, "Sail to me / Sail to me; let me enfold you / Here I am, here I am / Waiting to hold you" / Did I dream you dreamed about me? / Were you here when I was full-sail? / Now my foolish boat is leaning / Broken lovelorn on your rocks / For you sing, "Touch me not / Touch me not; come back tomorrow / Oh, my heart—oh, my heart / Shies from the sorrow" / I’m as puzzled as a newborn child / I’m as riddled as the tide / Should I stand amid the breakers / Or should I lie with death, my bride? / Hear me sing, "Swim to me / Swim to me; let me enfold you / Here I am, here I am / Waiting to hold you"